Flow and thermal sensors

Flow measurement using thermal sensors

The market offers countless instruments to determine the flow rate of fluids or gasses – what distinguishes 4TEX flow meters from all others, however, is their unique sensor technology! Devices developed by 4TEX measure the flow by means of thermal sensors, which provides most exact readings even in bubbling fluids. (CTA – constant temperature anemometry).

Why choose 4TEX sensors?

  • 4TEX develops sensors through to mass production
  • Compared to similar products, our unit prices are considerably lower
  • Owing to our patented sensor technology, our products are substantially more robust – which makes for a long life
  • Particularly suitable for aggressive and bubbling fluids (CTA)

Thermal sensors

The thermal sensors from our FC series are made of fluorocarbon (PTFE) and designated for monitoring temperatures of ultrapure water, chemicals and gasses used in semiconductor, photovoltaic or similar industries. An innovative sealing and our carbon-sensing technology avoid contamination, fluid confinements or a fast aging process. 4TEX thermal sensors guarantee long-time reliable temperature measurement or monitoring even under high temperatures or in aggressive ultrapure fluids.

  • Measurement features according to DIN EN 60751
  • Best measurement accuracy and stability (even if measurements are repeated over and over again)
  • Fast response time
  • High thermochemical consistency at a constantly superior performance
  • PT100 / PT1000 / TC type J; Thermo couple (TC) types: J, K, T, E; K measurement technology
  • A broad range of interconnection technologies are possible, e.g. Pillar®, Flaretek® or Swagelok®

Multi-purpose sensors

Sensor technology by 4TEX bears another huge advantage: The thermal measurement procedure enables the manufacture of so-called multi-purpose sensors with two thermal metering points for measuring the temperature AND the flow. Our multi-purpose sensors…

  • can be produced in large quantities but at a low price.
  • are extremely robust.
  • are extremely durable.

Multi-purpose sensor and heater in one device

Taylor-made for each customer‘s needs, our multi-purpose sensors are highly chemically resistant – especially when aggressive materials are used –, and provide reliable control of the connected flow heaters (inline induction heat exchangers). Sensors and flow heaters by 4TEX are compatible with devices from various different manufacturers. You can order individual products or complete modules consisting of multi-purpose sensors and heaters