Flow heaters

Inline Induction Heat Exchanger

The I2R chemical heater from 4TEX is one of the first induction inline heating systems for ultrapure fluids. The combination of the approved method based on electromagnetic induction and the sophisticated reactor geometry allow for fast, pinpoint heating of fluids. There is no contamination caused by impurities or metal ions because all contact is between parts made of fluoroplastics (PTFE, PFA) and ultrapure glassy carbon, and ultrapure water can be heated very quickly.

Pinpoint heating and cooling

The big advantage of our flow heaters: the temperature of the needed amount of fluid is heated up to exactly the desired temperature within just a few seconds, then cooled off just as fast. That technology prevents decay and extends the lifespan of the precious chemicals.

The source materials used for our flow heaters and sensors are highly resistant (we use PFA and PTFE, just to name a few) and hence suited for acid or basic chemicals as well as organic solvents.

UHP – Ultra High Purity

We deliver devices for all industry branches, especially the semiconductor industry, the pharmacy sector, medical technology, but also the food branch – wherever ultrapure fluids are in use and measurements free from any contamination need to be carried out.

Patented products and cleanroom assembly

We own patents for temperature sensors, flow sensors as well as the heater used in combination with our processes. According to the desired application, we use special materials for our sensors, e.g. sapphire sensors or FC (fast carbon) sensors for special requirements.

All products are crafted in our ISO class 1 cleanroom.