SemiChem Advanced Process Monitor 3


Worldwide nearly 3,000 SemiChem APM systems are installed for controlling metal CMP concentration. It is a trusted, central tool for controlling CMP peroxide, and is proven to provide exceptional performance in all wet chemical applications in the microelectronics environments including:

·         Copper, tungsten, barrier, and metal CMP
·         Formulated cleans
·         DSP+
·         Wet etch, nitride etch
·         PAN etch, Piranha etch
·         HF
·         Wastewater

A wet chemical monitoring system that automatically samples, analyzes, and reports quantitative chemical concentration of critical processes, helping to increase product yields.

·         Provides the industry’s most precise monitoring available to maintain process chemical composition and integrity
·         Detects process excursions in volatile chemistries before loss of product quality
·         Transitioning the lab technology to the process allows fast and accurate process control
·         Maintains a mean time between failures (MTBF) >8500 hours
·         Provides class-leading chemical concentration data allowing the slurry/chemical distribution system to deliver exact chemical concentration